Hoodlum In Leather EP

by The Voon Goons

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released January 23, 2017

All music composed, mixed, and mastered by The Voon Goons

Words by The Voon Goons



all rights reserved


The Voon Goons Signal Hill, California

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Track Name: Hoggish Grim
Pacing back and forth all the moments seem to die slow
Talking ain't talking if it's filled with actions coming from a dark place
Something soon is coming 'round our gates
Are we the mistakes?
From brutes tossing sides of the truth filling our plates
What was the prediction to this tale we can't comprehend?
Is there an end? Reminder, you're not the ones who pay
Costly Hoggish will forever haunt you until the grave

"Come up from under the desk dear
You're hiding drenched in tears from reign.
See Daddy's lost Mom's caught in the insane,
my muddled cub no need to be frightened in this."

Under distress again and all affairs confuse mistreatment with love
Weeping at the memory objects flung across the room
Leaving back our dignity playing the game for two
Sickening to think it traces back to the old roots
How could this affect us if we're different no not the same
Even though our mental grows poisoned with vengeance
Little side attacks from's our mind restrain animus

You're all over the silence
You're seeking words from bitten tongues
May we get out some of the answers
Denying who's to blame denying who's the fraud

Imps their electing tyrants
Their dying to feel revival
Save us we're lost
Hold my hand through the process
And fear no more..
Track Name: Vanta Viana
Wake up officer won't ya
Preach your words elsewhere, may I decline your invitation
To the old manipulation lines because
We're just good old citizens of the world
We don't rob maybe steal from the rich
We justify our manners we attack when attacked
and respect shall not be given if it is not received

If you're the nightmare I'm the daydream
You lioness you bite your tongue
You're like a cigarette on a Sunday
You come to me with what you feen, and anything you've dreamed of

If you wan't me come and get me
You lioness you bite your tongue
You're like a cigarette on a Sunday
You come to me with what you feen, and anything you've dreamed of
Track Name: Satina
You got me wrapped around your finger like a dog in a cage I'll be
Thinking of your name and the lips i can taste
Got you dancing to the beat of the drum and the bass

Tell me why tell me why
You did this to me
Tell me why tell me why
You haunt me at night
Tell me why tell me why
I wasted my time
Tell me why

If you say bark i'll ask how loud (Tell me why)
If you say run i'll ask how far (Tell me why)
If you say pay i'll pay each time (Tell me why)
If you say fight i'll ask which guy (Tell me why)

If you say sing I'll pop my lungs (Tell me why0
If you say cry I'll ask which eye (Tell me why)
If you say go I'll lose control (Tell me why)
If you say die I'll die tonight

Save me
From destruction in the world though I'm cursing your name
and you know I don't play like that
So why'd you play like that

Shake off your moves
Walk down with me
Take off your shoes
Touch the sand bare feet
Track Name: Body Of A Goddess
Body of a goddess and a face like a queen
Hair fixed up oh beauty is the key
She can't complain
Skin smooth like the leather on my jacket seams
Words of wisdom is all that she speaks
She can't complain, through all the pain

Long hair frail skin
She's out for Louis Vuitton in her grip (livin' it)
She's the snake in the pit shit i wanna get bit
I need her venom all inside my skin
Keep controlling, be mean, stranger mad seems to think
"No need to feel good only look good for him' Share the sin

Body Of A Goddess loving face like a queen
Her love is an illusion, Hunger in lust for me
She's animalistic tainting beauty to beast
Her scent is an intrusion, Power controlling me

Lick the tasteless marks on my neck honey bear
I've been bad i admit, pretty pink on my lips
Loving the evil all around your wish
Keep your hands on my neck, do me harm disrespect
In need of Daddy teaching me discipline love the sin
Track Name: Lucidia
Pull the trigger on the truth surrounding the lies
Are you here to come collect?
Confusing, but we're far from strangers we're
Living under the same name block
Morbid, but we offer nothing
Broken, yet we trust in nothing
Chasing, all your rats in fact their
Sportive, I think I like this nightmare

A little batty to be, a mind is stuck in a rut
Imagine tearing the seams, dividing real or bluff
It never fails to sleep, and pressure fucks with your look
Abusing Adam and Eve, it's something out of a book

I'd like to know what does it mean did I perceive?
Woke up in cold sweat dripping sheets claimed disbelief
Where can we go where you don't know how to reach your goal?
Am I alone left standing tall can I come home?

You decide wether or not to fight
You decide wether to lose or thrive
You decide wether to live or die
Track Name: Four Pattern Storm
Dont dial
My mind has said before
Hell smiles
I'm thrown in thorns I'm torn
Each mile
I'm dashing for the door
We're cold files
Our hearts have bled before

Bare with me I plead i'm searching for the light
Bare with me believe I'm fighting deep inside
Help i need release not all their company
Webbed down I feel weak

I'm no child
To push around and fold
It's your style
To relegate control
It's so vile
The eyes are on the walls
My minds wild
It's screaming "Let me go"

Retreat from me
Avoid defeat
Enough's enough
Just let us be

Cling on to me
So easily
Spit out disease
Your cure is me